What is time anyways? Everyday is just a repeat of the next. I had a math test where I got a 75. If I do all my homework and get a 90+ on the final, I can still get an A grade in the class. I had a Music paper to submit and I feel good about that essay. I hope I will get a 100 on this as well. I finished reading The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri and it was alright. I was able to relate to it due to the whole immigration story line. I am getting Circe by Madeline Miller tonight so I am excited to start that. I also have to completely give in and study for the Chem test. I will start today and I absolutely plan on getting a 100 this time. I have to do well. I just feel so lost. I have no idea what I will do once this semester ends. I want to pack up my stuff, change my name, throw my phone away, and move to an island and start anew.

I finally got a topic for my Engineering Proposal. I plan on writing about Tissue Engineering. I am going to base my paper advocating the use of the best artificial skin to use during surgery. There is a draft due on Monday and I haven’t even started it. I plan on starting it today and gathering the sources and then finally finishing it on Sunday. Funny how it has been 9 weeks already.

See you next week (for the last time!)


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